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Top 10 Freelancing Job Categories You can Work In

Whether you’re looking to bring a little extra cash into your household or are thinking about ditching your 9-5 in search of a little more flexibility – and freedom – with your schedule, launching your own freelance career could be a perfect fit. Here are ten top freelancing job categories with jobs available. Project Management...
January 15, 2018

PRESS RELEASE: 234WORK EVOLUTION, Creating 10 million jobs through the Gig Economy||Earn with your skills both locally and Internationally| |Hire from the best skills in Nigeria for any job both Local and Digital| |Connecting 10million people to work done seamlessly| The wealth of a nation is not determined by how much her government contributes, but how much her citizens contribute to the economy. We at
December 21, 2016


[:en] We are pleased to bring to your notice the creation of A revolutionary business environment and the first Nigerian based all in one Micro service platform in built by Nigerians. is a Nigerian based all in one micro service marketplace, a unique platform which allows everyone with knowledge, skill, talent or hobby...
November 23, 2016

[:en]Make money doing research for people on 234work; Learn How to Find Better Resources on Google[:]

[:en] How to Find Better Resources on Google Improving your research skills is one of the best ways to ensure the quality and consistency of your writing. Whether you’re writing a blog post for your personal website or a business article for a client, it’s important to know how to research efficiently and how to...
November 7, 2016

53 Million Americans Now Freelance, Adding Over $715 Billion to US Economy 234WORK Evolution

[:en] 53 Million Americans Now Freelance, New Study Finds Most Comprehensive Measurement of Independent Workforce in a Decade Shows 34% of U.S. Workers are Freelancing Technology is making it easier to find freelance work, 69% of freelancers said New York and San Francisco — More than one in three workers — 53 million Americans —...
November 2, 2016


In creating a Gig, doing just a little bit of background research can help you set up for success. Whether you are creating a Gig for the first time, revising an existing one, or branching out to create Gigs in a new category, taking the following steps will set you on the path to creating...
July 18, 2016

#234Work 6Rules of Success By Arnold Schwarzenegger Must Video

Hello from today we are dwelling on 6 rules of success from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rule Number 1: TRUST YOURSELF Who do you want to be ? Rule Number 2: Break the rules; there are so many rules in life, break them not the law. Rule Number 3: Dont be Afraid to Fail: Failure is...
July 18, 2016