We are pleased to bring to your notice the creation of A revolutionary business environment and the first Nigerian based all in one Micro service platform in built by Nigerians. is a Nigerian based all in one micro service marketplace, a unique platform which allows everyone with knowledge, skill, talent or hobby to earn reliable income by selling their services (Gigs) to buyers all around the world. It allows for businesses and individuals to get digital services and local on-demand jobs done by the best talents in Nigeria. Everyone can use the platform even plumbers, Electricians, Designers, Lawyers, Architechs, Doctors, Entrepreneurs etc. Join by creating account here

234WORK EVOLUTION SUMMIT 2016 seeks to bring together Mentors, Freelancers, Businesses, government officials and 200 Entrepreneurs in a bid to Connect, Network, launch officially, create a public awareness and raise our next phase funds. It promises to be an exciting experience that you’ll be proud to be part of. it is a movement to reduce if not stop unemployment in Nigeria, promote Dignity in labor and encourage skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development.

You will learn how will help your business grow while saving cost, sell better and perform optimally. This Event is limited to just 200 entrepreneurs who will automatic be partners to lead the 234work evolution, a new way of work that will connect 10 million Nigerians to the Gig Economy.

Are you an Entrepreneur ? Register now and get your Ticket. Registration is FREE OF CHARGE[:]

November 23, 2016