PRESS RELEASE: 234WORK EVOLUTION, Creating 10 million jobs through the Gig Economy||Earn with your skills both locally and Internationally| |Hire from the best skills in Nigeria for any job both Local and Digital| |Connecting 10million people to work done seamlessly|

The wealth of a nation is not determined by how much her government contributes, but how much her citizens contribute to the economy. We at believe every person is unique and as such have something to unique to offer the society.

Facebook disrupted the way people connect, paypal revolutionized payments method, Uber disrupted the transportation industry becoming the largest transport company without a car. alibaba showed us we could have manufactured products available for everyone anywhere in the world.

53 million Americans, currently contribute 715 billion dollars to the American Economy through the GIG economy. That is 23 times more than the loan request by Federal Government of Nigeria. With so much cry for local content, local circulation of the Nigerian currency and above all, Export of the Nigerian brand, there is no better time for such a platform as

At, our aim is to disrupt/revolutionized the way work is done. By making your skill and talent available to those who are ready to pay anywhere in the world. It is our way of saying, you don’t need a thriving economy to survive, but an economy needs your talent and hobby to thrive.

We are on a mission, a mission to raise and connect 10 million Entrepreneurs to the GIG Economy. A mission to put back wealth creation into your talented hands. A mission to export your skills and talent beyond the shores of this nation, a mission to house a community of the most talented sought after persons in Nigeria. A mission to make men, women, boys and girls rise above the limitations of their surroundings and become one with wealth creation, one with solution providers and one with fulfillment.

On 3rd December 2016, platform built by Nigerians for Nigerians and the world took a major leap and announced her launch into the Nigerian tech eco-system. Nothing better explains her importance especially in this harsh economic times than its offers.

1. Employment for as much as 10 million Nigerians doing work and getting work done at the comfort of their homes
2. Digital services that can connect digital service providers like graphic designers, writers, translators, app developers, etcetera with digital service employers all around the world
3. Local on Demand Jobs that can connect local job providers such as tailors, barbers, plumbers, with Local Job employers.
4. A market place to connect unique made in Nigeria brands only with people who need them from all over the world.

This is a first of its kind platform that will promote all that the present economy and the present government tend to represent. These includes:

• Foreign exchange as the world through will be exposed to the talents and unique product in Nigeria.
• Dignity in labor where no matter how little the skill or product is, someone somewhere will be connected to your product/service through
• Local Content where the naira circulates around Nigerians. No need to hire an Indian to build an app for you. assembles the best brains for you to choose from
• Millions of Jobs. I get to render my service from my bedroom, sitting or anywhere I so choose.
• Flexible working hours: Do you really wish the 9:00-am to 5:00pm Jobs for your kids. I bet you don’t, well you can make the choice for yourself now and save a generation.
• Everyone and anyone is the boss.
• You determine you cash flow and your pay
• Multiple streams of income. Your current job has probably locked up some hidden talents and gifts in you. Well, no more hiding, you can earn right now.

For the employers, you get to choose from the best available talents in Nigeria who are ready to offer you services at the best obtainable prices because they literally spend little or nothing on overheads.

234work was founded by an Abuja based ICT professional and social entrepreneur Onyekwere Godwin Augustine the ceo of an ICT company MogRex Limited ( with over 10 years of freelancing experience and a great team with sound knowledge. is a platform for endless possibilities. It is built and it is launched by Nigerians for Nigeria.

Welcome to the GIG Economy, welcome to the 234work evolution.

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December 21, 2016