Top 10 Freelancing Job Categories You can Work In

Whether you’re looking to bring a little extra cash into your household or are thinking about ditching your 9-5 in search of a little more flexibility – and freedom – with your schedule, launching your own freelance career could be a perfect fit. Here are ten top freelancing job categories with jobs available.

Project Management

What They Do: Project Managers develop requirements, budgets, and schedules for their firms’ information technology, development or production projects.

Jobs Available:  A Project Manager can help improve workflow within an organization and a Brand Manager provides structure in helping a company translate its core message to its audience. A Systems Consultant provides virtual support to a team.

Web & Software Development

What They Do: They design and maintain websites for businesses and also create programs for businesses.

Jobs Available: Helping a company better their brand through an updated website is the job of a Website Designer. A Freelance Software Engineer may perform software development, analysis and maintenance and a Flash Developer builds code and troubleshoots.

Computer & IT

What They Do: From helping with software issues to building operating systems, the Computer & IT industry is an ever-evolving field.

Jobs Available: A Systems Consultant upgrades virtual servers and offers support to the staff. A Systems Test Engineer might develop and execute software tests, and a Javascript Developer can create interface templates, provide website maintenance and collaborate with front/back end developers.


What They Do: Every organization needs a good writer to help convey their message and keep clear communication between a company and the world.

Jobs Available: A Freelance Writer for broadcast media might be responsible for copy-editing on-air scripts and updating news stories. A Technical Writer may make brochures and edit user manuals. A Web Content Producer will coordinate managers and write editorial content and blog posts.


What They Do: Being a liaison between clients and the consumer is just one aspect of this growing industry.  

Jobs Available: A Marketing Assistant provides product management and marketing development; a Marketing Coordinator processes invoices, schedules meetings and responds to inquiries, while a Marketing Specialist manages Ad Words campaigns, searches ads and optimizes content.


What They Do: Making sure the copy that is created reads well, aligns with the company’s mission and supervising other writers are some responsibilities of an Editor.

Jobs Available: An Editor searches the Internet for content and writes posts that will go viral; a Freelance Content Strategist assists with content strategy and implementation for large-scale website projects; and a Copy Editor edits and proofreads proposals and must possess APA style expertise.


What They Do: A broad field filled with exciting job opportunities, people in research often gather data and perform basic research which is then applied to help advance an organization.

Jobs Available: A Field Investigator may conduct interviews with employers/subjects, reviews records and resolves issues. A Contract Recruiter sources and interviews staff for administrative, customer service and HR roles. And a Forecasting Analyst makes decisions based on analysis of company business and sales.

Account Management

What They Do: Account managers provide support to a company on specific projects and work closely with customers while ensuring that they meet their overall budgetary goals.

Jobs Available: A Customer Service Representative fields calls and assists with customer correspondence, while a Freelance Brand Manager develops and strategizes innovative marketing ideas to enhance a user’s experience. A New Business Specialist will help improve the company’s brand online and develop new business opportunities.


What They Do: Perhaps one of the biggest industries that uses freelancers, people who work as administrative staff provide a supporting (yet important) role to their boss and their overall company as they manage communications, handle personal matters and oversee busy teams.

Jobs Available: Data Entry Candidates can expect to input and evaluate data, and a Special Projects Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support such as overseeing calendars and handling logistics. Answering phones, processing mail and assisting with other clerical duties are just some of the job responsibilities of Receptionists.

Internet & Ecommerce

What They Do: In addition to buying (and selling) online, those who work within this field often provide support for large corporations in areas such as Website Design, Technical Support or even Software Engineer.

Jobs Available: A Retail Marketing Consultant will handle communications for social media sites, write press releases and research opportunities and related marketing tasks. A Web Marketing Manager will conduct competitive market analysis and customer research to determine what marketing strategies are best suited for the company. And an Online Marketing Traffic Manager will need to assist various departments in identifying traffic metrics and find solutions to improve marketing results.

Readers, have you considered a job as a freelancer? What industry would you like to work in?

January 15, 2018